title of the coffee breakup coaching course, starting from within

Starting From Within | The Secret to a healthy relationship

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learn the secret to a healthy relationship!

The Coffee Breakup’s course will teach you what is required in order to create and foster healthy relationships, how to be a better individual and why every healthy relationship starts with YOURSELF.

healthy relationships aren’t found, they are created.

The Coffee Breakup’s course offers 1:1 sessions so that we get to know each and everyone of you. It’s not just a group chat, it’s you and us, at a personal level. That way you can figure out exactly how to apply our teachings to your personality.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Discover your inner self

It’s important to know who you are before you can create healthy relationships.

Meet Us in your 1:1

You’ll get one hour call with Marvin and Christian to apply the knowledge you have just acquired.

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Make it actionable

Our course ends with clear action items, so you know what you have to do next.

Meet Christian AND Marvin

You will begin by getting to know The Coffee Breakup, who will guide you through the course and give you tips on how to implement the extensive course in your every day life.


What people Say

We place a huge value on strong relationships and have seen the benefit they bring to our business. Customer feedback is vital in helping us to get it right.

I came across this podcast fairly recently and I’m glad I did. This podcast is great for those who are just getting out of a relationship, as they make you feel like you aren’t alone in what you are going through. I love being able to get the “guys perspective” on these topics. They are the real and raw truth we all need to hear ! Definitely recommend this !

Natasha Rodriguez

“The warm inviting tone of this book is reflective of its authors. Marvin and Chris draw on their experiences and their work as podcast hosts to “tell it like it is.” As I read the book, it reminded me of my numerous interactions with them where they were themselves – with no pretenses, no hidden agendas, and no-holds-barred truthfulness. The book has beautifully transferred the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of their show guests into a language that is clear, concise, and yet revealing without being intrusive. These authors interject themselves at appropriate times to accentuate what they have learned about healthy relationships.  They speak openly of their own journeys – never taking center stage but doing so only where they believe it adds value to what they want the reader to get. Years ago, this dynamic duo started out with a simple mission – to better understand the foundations of healthy relationships and to share the insights with those willing to listen. It’s tantamount to a little phenomenon that started with two other young men almost thirty years ago; they called it O.K. Cupid. Look at them now. I wonder, in thirty years what will become of the work that Chis and Marvin are doing? Stay tuned!”

— Dr. Sam Heastie, Psychologist  

Course Lessons


The introduction of this course will describe how this course was created and who can benefit from taking it. Why do relationships start with ourselves? Without us being healthy individuals, we can’t possibly find ourselves in healthy relationships with other people.




In this part one of our relationship course we will go over why every healthy relationship starts with yourself, how vulnerability is strength and how crucial your mental health is.


Chapter 1 – Every Healthy Relationship Starts with Yourself Chapter 2 – Vulnerability is Strength Chapter 3 – Be Aware of Your Mental Health


In part 2 of our relationship course we are talking about putting in effort in your relationship. How important knowing the difference between communication vs. interpretation. Principles of building healthy relationships, controlling what you can and letting go of what you can’t. Understanding that you should never stop dating each other and appreciating the little moments in relationships.


Chapter 4-Communication vs. Interpretation Chapter 5 – The Most Important Principles of Building a healthy relationship Chapter 6 – Control What You Can and Let Go of What You Can’t Chapter 7 – The Choice is Yours Chapter 8 – Don’t Stop Dating Each Other Chapter 9 – In Relationships, the Little moments matter


In part 3 of our relationship course we are looking at the dangers of long-term dating and mistakes to avoid in order to keep your relationship healthy.


Chapter 10 – Comfort is the Death of a Relationship Chapter 11 – It’s Called “Growing” Old Together for a Reason Chapter 12 – Perfectly Imperfect


In our last part of the course we are wrapping it up in a great way. What if a relationship doesn’t workout, how to know it’s time to part ways and conversations you must have with your partner if you want to make it work.


Chapter 13 – IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE Like "THIS" Chapter 14 – All good things must come to an end Chapter 15 – Conversations You Must Have with your partner


Our Relationship course has come to an end. Here we are summarizing the course and hopefully how it will impact your life in the long run.


Chapter 16 – Conclusion