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Let’s face it; dating in today’s day and age is frustrating and scary, to say the least. It feels like we are all walking through one giant minefield, and we’re just one wrong step away from blowing one of our legs off (not literally of course). But if we want to be honest, dating BLOWS!


It’s 2022 and relationships today have never been more complicated. The lines and boundaries are blurry, and basic dating etiquette's seem to have been left in the last decade. Between mixed signals, friends with benefits, people’s indecisiveness and fear of commitment, being one text away from getting ‘ghosted’, people lacking common sense and their inability to respect someone else’s time, it is a miracle that we even put ourselves in the line of fire.


But many of us do. Because we want to believe that the next person will be ‘different’. That they’re not like everyone else who has let us down. But are they ever? Different that is. It seems like it always ends the same. A vicious cycle of getting our hopes up and then being utterly let down.


Or maybe it isn’t them at all. What if it’s you? Maybe your relationships keep failing because you set the wrong expectations from the beginning. Maybe you’re the toxic one. Perhaps you only attract assholes because that is all you ever settle for. 


Clearly, relationships and dating as a whole are quite difficult. But does it have to be? I mean really. Two people who love, respect and devote themselves to each other. How difficult can that be? 


It's time to answer all those confusing questions. The ones you've all been asking yourselves but were afraid to ask others because you didn't think people could relate. But what guess what? People can relate because we all go through it.


Christian and I launched a brand-new video podcast that goes over the ins and outs of relationships and how to safely navigate through the treacherous waters of modern-day dating. 

Tune in every Friday here at ‘The Coffee Breakup’ to hear and see us grinding down the truths to relationships and what it takes to successfully find the ‘right one’.  


Relationships take a lot of work and mutual effort. They aren’t easy. But finding the right person to love doesn’t have to be THIS hard.


Your co-host Christian Viera who is notorious for being unapologetically honest and straight to the point, will ‘break’ things down for you. Real questions, real problems. He’s not your dad, not your friend, not your coworker.

He’s the ‘Gary V’ of relationships. Honest, direct, with no-bullsh*t answers. He won’t sugarcoat things for you, and he won’t tell you what you want to hear. But you’ll hear from him what you need to hear. You’ll thank him later.


As a writer and self-published author, Marvin will bring real and raw experiences to the table. His writing is passionate, it’s pure, it’s real. Not scripted nor faked. He'll tell it how he see's it.

And as many of his readers will probably agree on, many of his thoughts will resonate with you.

You might end the podcast in tears, but I promise you that hearing the truth from his is profoundly easier than making yourself believe whatever lie it is that you’re trying to tell yourself.


We’re taking off the gloves. This is real. You might not like us after hearing this, but we will always speak the truth.


And the truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is. 



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